"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"

Biography of president

Chunni Khatun (Sonia)Chunni khatun lovingly called Sonia was born 13 January 1986 in sunsari with Md. Muslim Mansuri and Ms.Saikuna Khatun. She passed S.L.C. from Bhagawati secondary school, Inaruwa Sunsari in 2001.  I.COM. and BBS passed from Sunsari Multiple Campus. She has been passed Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Post Graduate Campus (TU),Biratnagar in 2014. sonia is a Nepalese social activist as well as social worker.

As Marginalized Lady from Muslim Community, Sonia served as a role model for Marginalized women, and worked as an activist for poverty awareness, education enhance,health awareness, advocacy against women/girls violence. She was inspired by her family and her family particularly her Mother always encourage her to involve in social activities because she knew her and her desire properly even Muslim society do not allow their children to go out to involve in social and political activities yet.

Ms. Sonia had a keen interest in public service at a very early age. She is one of the highest-ranked revolutionary woman rights leader of the Terai-Madhesh based. She loves woman/youth empowerment so that they could contribute for their nation. Mother Teresa has always been her largest source of inspiration. She have worked as a trainer in leadership, human rights, worker rights, conflict management, Peace transformation and capacity building etc.She has been working as facilitator on the issue of youth unemployment and advocacy for the women worker who is discriminated for their labor cost. She conduct program for the working rights for the disable person and advocacy against child labor and their rights. She trained several women from  leadership development and capacity empowerment training and motivation training.


She spent more than 5 years teaching children at various schools around sunsari. Even though this brought her great satisfaction she realized that she had a bigger personal calling to fulfill. Children, girls and women were being violence. Therefore, since 2005 she work for society who suffering  from violence and in 2010, Ms. Sonia founded AIM Nepal with the aim of providing services for both children, adolescent girl and women who have endured untold pain and suffering, often in silence violence. She is super genius in speaking art with best logic. She can accept defeats and does not get demotivated. She does not like discrimination based on social,religious,gender etc. She has good manner & politeness always gives respect to others. She is well qualified with well civilized manner. She knows and respects the human norms and value. She is an anthropologist from Nepal. She is also a strong follower and promoter of vegetarianism. After establishing AIM Nepal, Her efforts have been recognized by national and international government and agencies since she was awarded by  them.She is recognized by different national and international media and since her articles has been published in national media specially on marginalized issues.


Ms Sonia from 2006 has been working as social worker in ADO BC-Nepal in 2010 established AIM-Nepal and became founder of AIM-Nepal. She has worked as Program Officer in SAJHA-Nepal; Funded by the US AID, and Chemonics International from 17 may 2008 to 30august2008. She worked as Facilitator in Rautahat, Sunsari, Biratnagar and Parsa in Madhesi NGOs Federation from 2007 to 2008.  She has a great experience working on reproductive health and worked as practicenor through community score card (CSC tool) from CECI international. She worked as Program Coordinator in Parsa, Rautahat and Sapatari and Kathamandu in Muslim Women Welfare Society with RDIF from 2011 to 2013.Sonia have Key skills and Ability that is Program conduct, implementing, monitoring, evolution and coordination of project. Ability to work in challenging condition and multi-cultural environment. Experience in coordination within local agencies, government,non-government,civil societies and private organizations. Experience in public private partnership, governance, Human rights, Democracy, Peace and conflict management, Child rights, poverty reduction, Disaster risk reduction, leadership and Constitution. Supervision and Management skill and experience in Training and facilitation. A trailblazing voice for Madheshi, Dalit Muslim and marginalized women, Sonia played a crucial part in the Civil Rights movement and Madhesh movement’s. Sonia loves spending time with children  She has has potential power to create  new and dynamic environment to make people happy and inspire in very painful condition or anywhere.


She Participated in several National convention by Nepal Jaycees, Amnesty International etc. She got membership in Youth Advisory Council of Embassy of the United State of America for Nepal in 2011.  She was participated in the IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program) in USA by US Embassy Nepal from January 13 to February 6, 2011. She was participated in Youth leader visitor Program and several programme in Finland by Demo-Finland Nepal from June 01 to June 13, 2012 in Finland. She was participated in  Model SAARC Summit 2015 By US Embassy Nepal from 24 July to 27 July,2015 In Bangladesh  and Awarded in 5 Futures Leader 2014 By Santosh Shah Foundation. Ms. Sonia was also appointed as a Member in National Madarsa Education Management Council from 2013 January to 2016. By Nepal Government Ministry of Education as an honor to her contributions.


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