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Future program for sustain

Our skill-based program to build capacity of rural marginalized women to strength their economic sustainable future for an independent and dignified life.

  1. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti is the popular household goods having a great market potential. The burning of agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions has been practiced in Nepal since early times.
2. Bindi Making

Bindi making is a simple process with good marketing avenues and profitability. Women population have replaced traditional kumkum with the decorative designer bindi. Bindi is a small piece of velvet cloth with a suitable adhesive. It is available in different colours, size, and pictures.
3. Candle Making

People lighten candle not only for religious purpose but also as a decor item. Apart from the traditional long white candle, there is also a very potential market for scented and decorative candles.
4. Designer Lace Making

Lace is a craft material that used in textile or garment designing. In early days lace actually crafted by needles by hand. Nowadays, hand made lace making is replaced by machine made lace making. Now there several machinery are available to make lace through machines. The increasing demand of fashion garment has increased the demand for designer lace.
5. Banana Paper Making
it is an innovative technology and alternate way of manufacturing paper. This technology is used to turn banana waste into usable paper commercially.
6. Jute Bag Making
For eco-friendly character, the demand for jute bag, jute fabrics, and other jute items is increasing very fast.The jute bag manufacturing process in not complex. Even, the business is a great income option for students and women also.
7. Papad Making

Papad making is considered as a very lucrative and profitable food manufacturing opportunity, considering the low-cost capital investment. Demand for different varieties of papad is increasing steadily.
8. Pickles Making
Pickle and chutney is the traditional food item in Nepal. And there are several different types of pickles we can find in the country. Pickle making process is simple. And any individual can start this business from his or her home location. Additionally, pickle making is a very lucrative business opportunity for women entrepreneurs.
9. Rakhi Making

It is an ideal way of women empowerment in rural and urban Nepal. In Nepal and India, we all celebrate Raksha Bandhan to strengthening the bond of love between brothers and sisters and fostering brotherhood. This festival is not a ritual, custom, and tradition that can change over time but its style of celebration has become contemporary. Housewives, moms and as such any individual can start this business with small capital investment. Rakhi is a seasonal item.

Soft Toys Making

Soft toys are very popular among kids, teens, and youths. These speciality toys are soft. And generally made of clothes and acrylic fur. Generally, these toys come with different shapes and colors. In addition, different types of animal shapes are very popular. With a very small investment, we can start this business. In addition, this is a perfect business for women, housewives, and moms.

Mushroom Farming

Gone are the days when mushrooms were only collected in the wild, mushroom farming is growing leaps and bounds these days. Although the capital requirement is not high and the rate of return is good.

Handmade Clothing and Garments Making

Everybody needs clothes, and as such there is always a ready market for manufacturers of clothing. Clothes manufacturing business is one of the many businesses that can be started in any part of the world and the owner of the business can still penetrate the world market once the design is good and meets a need in the fashion market.

Floral Design

Flower nursery

And much more ……

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