"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"



  • To launch programs such as orientation, interaction, seminar, training     consciousness development, monitoring, investigation, formation of organization network, publication to conserve all types of human rights.
  • To try to implement U. N. international human rights, Women/Child rights and Durban convention against racial discrimination.
  • Eliminate the political / social / Economic/ Cultural exploitation for woman, child youth, and disabled Person to promote awareness of participation in political, social and Economic life.
  • Uplift the living standard of women by conducting various activities relating to income generation, employment, capacity building and skill development programmed.
  • Enhance maximum participation of both male and female to increase the awareness level of community to reduce discrimination, exploitation, injustice and increase the awareness level of quality education both formal and informal.
  • Organize leadership development activities for the marginalized groups.

2018 Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal) By IT Home