"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"



Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal), a non-government organization was established in 2010 in Sunsari, District Administration Office, Sunsari and in Internal Revenue Office, Dharan. It has particularly has been working for the empowerment of youth, and women. A pragmatic team of young social workers had come together and established the organization with a vision of non-discriminatory Nepal. Since its establishment, AIM-Nepal has been raising awareness, urging advocacy, and strengthening leadership capability of the excluded groups in the community. It has been mobilizing the underutilized community resources for the empowerment of the girl/women through their own participation. Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal), particularly has been working for the empowerment of youth, and young women.

AIM-Nepal is affiliated with SWC as well as District Human Rights Cell, Sunsari. It has been working by the support of governmental and non-governmental organization to provide different kind of support for the women empowerment. AIM-Nepal has established a good stamp of its own organization in the society for the betterment and development of the community. This organization has a general assembly, which elects an executive board of members. The general assembly adopts the organization’s policy and decisions and the executive board implements the all of the decisions made by the general assembly. The organizational vision is to expedition is against violence for peace in family and equality in society.

This organization has been working in the field of awareness rising, right based approach (RBA), women issues and governance for women empowerment mainly focusing in districts of Terai/Mahesh . This organization was formed for the uplifment of women who are deprived from access of socio-economic opportunities provided by the state. This organization has a general assembly, which elects an executive board of members. For the fulfillment of the purpose, this organization aims to work for the benefit of deprived and marginalized group focusing to Human Rights, Conflict Transformation and Peace Building, Capacity Building, Gender and Women Empowerment. The major target groups of the organization are women/girls, child, youth from marginalized community, victim of conflict, poor and vulnerable population. The organization is led by Ms. Chunni Khatun, Chairperson who hails from marginalized Muslim community and has done Master’s in Anthropology.

AIM-Nepal has been coordinating with a wide range of Government, and Non-Government institutions in implementing with a holistic and collaborative development approach. It has worked to implement diverse types of program such as livelihood enhancement, constitution building, women’s political rights, public hearing and advocacy. Recently, AIM-Nepal worked with the support of US Embassy and the coordination of Ministry of Health and Population for the mother and child health to increase health opportunities of women.

Similarly, in December 2013, the organization worked with the coordination of CECI for Improving the Quality of the Health Services of Selected Health Post in Sunsari District through Implementing Community Score Card. The organization also worked with the coordination of Today’s Youth Asia in 2012 for local level leadership workshop for Muslim women. It has also worked in coordination of Local Peace Committee for skill based program for those women who suffered by conflict and Madhesh movement.

AIM-Nepal is an important non-governmental organization of Sunsari district. It is short in establishment but effective in experience. What it starts, it completes with perfect result. It is strong to find the problem or violence, soft to find reality and able to solved the problem socially, legally and politically. When it goes ahead for the betterment, no flood and no storm of the violence can disturb to find reality and provide justice in the society and community. Because it is purious to work, serious to decide and capable to empower the women against the violence.

Violence against women and girls occurs in many different forms—physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, and even through technology. From domestic abuse to rape to sex trafficking, gender-based violence threatens the social and economic wellbeing of women and girls around the world. Together, we can break the silence, domestic violence isn’t just “something” that happens to “someone”. This is an issue affecting our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers every day. AIM Nepal establishment, it has been providing the women different kinds of awareness, leadership development, skill development and mediation training. In the same training period short and effective community helping committee is formed and some important instructions are provided to the same committee. When the problem and violence’s cases comes, the already formed committee (paralegals committee ,Women Justice Centre) takes its action against the violence soon and informs AIM-Nepal about it in details for support and we are also informed by District and Rural Municipalities Police station in cases and especially in women issues.


  • “Our expedition is against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society.  “


  • Rape, Incest abuse, Dowry, Sexual assault, Human trafficking, Genital mutilation and Sexual slavery must end now.

Women must be free to act in their own best interest—access to education, control over their finance, and a personal sense of autonomy

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