"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"

Organizational Weakness and Strengthen

  1. Organizational Weakness and Strengthen


  • Organizational Major Weakness:-
    • Sometime Problem faced by the different community due to the lack of awareness in different issues.
    • Due to financial problem, it has been difficult for us to launch most achievable, challenging and long-term programs.
    • Lack of technical manpower.
    • Lack of the proper monitoring and evaluation system adopted by local government.
    • Lack of effective networking policies with organization by other stakeholders.


  • Organizational Major Strengthen:-
  • Particularly has been working for the women/girl from marginalized group for their basic and Democratic Rights.
  • We launched education program about Human Rights to build non-discriminate society and peace.
  • We Established “Youth Peace Dialogue Centre” with the coordination of ADO BC-Nepal.
  • Coordination and collaboration with the different Government and Non-Government Agencies.
  • We are launching free counseling center for women who are suffering from domestic violence.
  • AIM-Nepal Regarded by Local Government and Donor Agencies.
  • AIM-Nepal is well known Organization to voice for the Human Rights.
  • Our organization awarded by Local Government in 2013 for its transparency and honesty towards community empowerment.
  • Our Organization has 69 volunteers most of them from sunsari and other are particularly from Madhesh/Terai region and they are working and counseling those women who are suffering from Domestic Violence.
  • Organization has well linked with the Local and Central Agencies for sufficient advice.
  • We coordinate the Local Government for their planning to empower the community through discussion and documentation.
  • We get Inspiration from the youth leaders and other Agencies working for the community, they are from the different part of Nation and out of Nation.
  • Organizing own internal fund rising system for the sustainable of organization and for implementing the activities.
  • Financial transparency.
  • Good relationship with community people.

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