"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"


AIM NEPAL, along with many other outputs, seeks to achieve strengthened civil society organizations in the Madhesh/Terai so that they can be engaged in activities pertaining to enhancement of social harmony, improvement of security situation and governance. Thus, capacity development of the local partners, both in terms of organizational development, where required, and issue-based capacity building measures are being undertaken. For the latter, specific issues within governance, education, empowerment of women/girl and other marginalized and disadvantaged, among others, will be identified. After identification of the issues, local partners and, through them, informal groups of local stakeholders will be trained in different parts of the Madhesh/Terai to engage with the issues identified. These local partners and groups initially will be provided with analyzed facts and figures on various identified and researched issues to prepare discussion paper and interact among themselves. They will be trained so that they can analyze the facts and figures on their own and write and publish the articles in local newspapers and magazines and, organize social dialogues, interactions and other advocacy activities at the local level.  This will help to develop a critical mass of civil society at local level.

AIM NEPAL implements its initiatives both at national and local level. At national level, it engages itself in the research, dialogues, publications and advocacy activities whereas the local initiatives are implemented


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