"Against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society"

Human Rights and Justice /Gender

(The organization has developed their own Strategy and Operational Plan (SOP) 2017-2022  in the field of Development.  According to context following themes are  carried out  by Organization.)


AIM-Nepal has coordinating with local organizations such as Hamro Network-Nepal, ADO BC-Nepal, Sunsari association of female committee, and human rights network sunsari and police office/administration office in sunsari district. With these partnerships AIM-Nepal is able to promote human rights awareness through school visits, community works and radio programs which help young people access information about how to seek justice when oppressed. In our programs, AIM-Nepal also promotes crime prevention among women/girls and improves the effectiveness of the justice system in the rehabilitation and restoration of young offenders and inculcates the respect for human rights, women rights and promotes human rights principles as the basis for peace and development.

AIM Nepal wants to reaches out to communities conducting mass awareness campaigns, orientations and training. These campaigns also train school teachers and students. Establishing information and resource centers and community outreach programs, conducting cross-sartorial meetings, linking and networking with other agencies working against violence and other forms of sexual exploitation. The programs focus on educating communities about and other forms of exploitation and the risks their daughters and sisters could face in the hand of traffickers.

The overall goals of AIM Nepal are to promote women rights as human rights are defined in the treaties and instrument of the United Nation and national human rights instruments. It typically focus on promotion of human rights concept or norms, or raising of human rights awareness and knowledge promoting human right can include far example awareness rising, training, education, campaigning or lobbying for ratification of human rights instruments protection of human rights can include for example monitoring, documentation, legal aid, advertisement, publication. AIM Nepal has been conducting interactions, workshops, meetings, rallies and media campaigns to sensitize people and to raise rights related issues; to pressure and lobby government to ensure the rights of all.


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